Working with Annapolis Mediation is less expensive, easier and more relaxing than litigation. Make life-long decisions with your eyes open and a complete understanding of your rights with Annapolis Mediation.

We are well-trained to help couples and families work through crises. We offer mediation before, during, after, and/or independently of court proceedings. Annapolis Mediation has extensive experience working with families and couples in separation and divorce.

Other than separation and divorce, we also work with couples who want to stay connected, connect more effectively, see eye-to-eye on an issue, or make important decisions together.

The AM team will support & guide you in conversation, no matter how difficult. Some couples and families are eager to develop formal agreements but need help with their differences, and we will assist you with that. Other families may be unsure about the agreement process but need a safe space to talk about current or past conflict that is preventing communication, decision-making, and future planning in your relationship or for your family. Annapolis Mediation wants to understand and assist your family’s unique needs and desires. 


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