The Team Approach

Annapolis Mediation believes in the team approach to mediation. Our Mediators offer a balance in professions, age, experience, and gender. Dave is an experienced litigator and TJ brings fresh perspectives from her background in social work and therapy.  We use our respective backgrounds and strengths to provide balance between getting to the bottom line with the need to clear the air effectively.

The team approach is time and cost effective.  We encourage conversations to be clear, productive, and solutions-focused. We aim to improve communication, understanding and empower you to make collaborative decisions that recognize everyone’s needs, interests, and concerns. If you are interested in working with one of us individually that is easily arranged.




  • Certified Mediator by Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution, the preeminent credentialing organization for Maryland Mediators.
  • Regularly named Leading Lawyer in Mediation by his peers.
  • Chaired ~ Maryland State Bar’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Section. 
  • Co-Chaired ~ Mediator Assessment Project for the Maryland Courts
  • Co-Chaired ~ Certification Committee for MCDR

Dave litigated extensively since being admitted to the bar in 1979, but now chooses efficient and cost-effective resolution outside the Courts.  He started mediating in 1998 and focuses on Divorce/Family, Real Estate/Business and Probate.



TJ began mediating in 2010 and brings a decade of social work to Annapolis Mediation. She graduated with a Bachelors in Social Work in 2009 from Catholic University and attained her Masters in Social Work in 2010. TJ’s has worked in crisis management, substance abuse, trauma and mental health therapy, and case management with high conflict and dysfunctional families.

TJ values mediation because she understands the adverse impact of conflict on families and children. She believes that mediation gives people a voice and an opportunity to listen, and connect even during difficult times to reach a resolution that works.   




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