What To Expect

Every mediator is a little bit different and choosing a mediator is an important step. You want to have faith and a sense of trust in your mediators.  Rest assured our mediators are fully trained and Court-approved. 

We offer a free 30-minute orientation so you have a chance to meet us to determine if you think our approach will help.  In the orientation we will explain mediation and answer any questions about the process. No fees are incurred unless you decide to proceed with mediation after the orientation. If you decide to use mediation, we can start immediately or schedule a future session. Sessions are typically two hours in length. The frequency and duration of your mediations are based on your needs. 

If you are court-referred, we dispense with the orientation.  However, we will explain how mediation works and answer any questions at the start of your first session.  

Moving Forward

We will discuss your circumstances to learn the areas of disagreement. You will need to express your differences in opinions and experiences. We intend to be open, honest, and willing to work with you so you can find a solution you can live with.

Dave Simison and TJ Matton typically work in tandem as co-mediators. We do not decide the outcome nor judge who is “right” and who is “wrong.”  We may offer suggestions when requested, but do not provide legal advice or therapy.  We encourage conversations to be clear, productive, and solutions-focused.  We aim to improve communication, understanding and empower you to make collaborative decisions that recognize the individual needs, interests, and concerns.

We will document your progress in mediation and help identify tasks to be done in between sessions.  We may be able to provide you forms to complete to help with the mediation. Our goal is to move forward productively and efficiently. We will provide a Memorandum or a Parenting Plan that documents your Points of Agreement.


The Team Approach and the Mediators

Nuts and Bolts: Policies and Procedures

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